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Services and Prices

Brand New Kitchen

Average Washer Repair  Costs

Top load washer $220-$460

Front load washer $270-$600

Average Refrigerator Repair Costs 


Average Dishwasher Repair Costs


Average Dryer Repair Costs

Electric Dryer $180-$400

Gas Dryer $180-$400

Average Range Repair Costs

Electric Range $240-$600

Gas Range $240-$700

Average Microwave Repair Costs


The importance of a dedicated diagnostic visit:

I know seeing a big range of prices for an appliance repair request can be nerve-wracking, which is why we put such a large emphasis on completing an in person diagnostic visit before the complete estimate for repair is approved and work starts.

Knowing the root cause of failure sometimes goes deeper than what the symptoms initially present, and with the right details we may be able to include in the initial visit a repair, but other times to resolve the exact nature of the cause of failure will require specific parts or a return visit.

We do our best to make your initial diagnostic and estimate thorough and accurate.​

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